Amplop Polymailer White 45x65cm - 100 Lembar

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Merchant : tri8indo

Harga : 250,000     Jumlah Stok : 200

Poly Mailer is designed to provide maximum protection and has excellent puncture resistance. Poly Mailer is made of polyethylene film. The specialty about Poly mailer is that they are water, puncture and tear resistant. Poly mailers have a white outer surface and a silver interior lining to provide excellent opacity.

Poly Mailers are light in weight and saves on postage. Poly Mailers are available in variety of sizes, types, styles and with different type of cushioning at lowest price. Mailing Envelopes are great for sending items through the mail. It protects your products & looks professional.

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Self Adhesive Seal
Plastic Type: PE
Bag Type: Side Gusset Bag

Size: 45 x 65 cm +5cm lidah tape
Thickness: 60 Micron
Color: White
Harga di atas untuk 1 pack isi 100 pcs

Terima sablon Logo minimal 1000 pcs

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