Adidas Ionic

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FITBIT IONIC : Adidas Edition
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Custom Clock Face - BIB Running look like
Built in Adidas Train Workout
Swim Ready Sport Band

Commit to extraordinary with Fitbit Ionic: adidas editiona watch designed with exclusive experiences that help you get to the next level.
- Adidas Train Experience
- Industry-Leading GPS
- Continuous Heart Rate
- Water Resistant to 50M
- Up to 5 Day Battery*(*Battery life and charge cycles vary with use, settings, and other factors; actual results will vary.)

Unique workouts designed for runners
Every adidas Train workout includes step-by-step coaching that guides you through the moves. Find sessions like:
Dynamic Warm Up: Increase your core temp & get ready to run.
Power Pace: Train the body to be more elastic, forceful & efficient.
Metabolic: Use interval training to boost speed and metabolism.

Plus, get the complete Ionic experience
For Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition, training is just the beginning. Improve every part of your day with popular apps, sleep tracking & more.
- 15+ workout modes
- Store & Play 300+ Songs
- Apps, notifications & payments


Adidas Ionic

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